A marketing plan is an essential part of the success of your business. However, there is one other factor that is actually more important than a thorough marketing plan

Product Quality is Paramount

If your product or service does not meet the quality that the customer expects, your business will never succeed.

That doesn’t mean that you cannot make money this way. In fact there are many fly by night products that are out on the market. But they don’t stay on the market.

You will constantly need to be looking for the next product to sell. This is not the way to build a lasting successful business.

Good Marketing + Bad Product = Disaster

In fact, a great marketing plan combined with an inferior product will only lead to disaster. With good advertising you may very well convince someone to try out what you are selling once, but if they are not happy with what they received, they may never purchase from you again.

Good marketing of a poor product will make people know that much faster that they shouldn’t buy that product.

Word of Mouth must be Positive

News travels much faster these days due to the internet. People do not need to know each other anymore to talk about their experiences with such-and-such a product. Word of mouth advertising has a very powerful influence over potential customers.

However, if the word of mouth implies that your product is not worth buying, you will have a very difficult time trying to change this influence for a long time into the future. You do not need negative feedback holding you down.

Quality is King

So it is very important, especially when starting out, to aim for the highest quality possible for your product or service. Whether you are selling an actual physical product, performing a service, provide excellence and quality and the customers will eventually come to you. At the very minimum make sure that your product meet the standards that your customer expects to receive.

So before you start working on your marketing plan, make sure that you have a product that is worth selling.

Once you have a product (or service) that you are proud of and you believe is ready to offer to customers, then you are ready to plan out how you will be reaching those customers.

If you are new to writing a marketing plan, start with marketing plan tutorial basics.